Upper Rockridge Residence by AAA Architecture in Oakland, California

Upper Rockridge Residence by AAA Architecture in Oakland, California

task: higher Rockridge ResidenceArchitects: place: Oakland, California, USAPhotographs via: Courtesy of 

 were commissioned to layout a house for a website placed in higher Rockridge within the Oakland Hills. The lot become definitely one of the very few grassy lots that remained after the Oakland Hills Firestorm in 1991.the principle requirement that the customers had for the upper Rockridge residence was that it might maximize the views that the lot offers as well as connect the interior areas to the outdoors. It turned into to be designed to encompass the modernist principals of California’s excellent residential architecture.

The Oakland Hills Firestorm left at the back of gray ash and blackened foundations from heaps of houses. Over 20 years later only a few grassy lots remain as reminders of this event. such a had as soon as been a 1958 redwood-clad residence by using William Wurster in higher Rockridge. Our clients received the lot quite a number years ago and started out down the direction toward their dream domestic with several different architects earlier than coming to AAA architecture with Randolph R. Ruiz and Benjamin Parco.

We have been requested to design a residence for this website online that would maximize views, connect with the outside, characteristic expressive materiality, and embody the modernists principals of California’s high-quality architecture. thru their previous design efforts, the customers had evolved some sturdy preconceptions for how the residence have to be organized. In reality, the 4 previous schemes that they had advanced were nearly equal in their corporation and siting. We satisfied them to explore new possibilities with us, and as a result, we ended up generating dozens of iterative schemes which will arrive at the surprising.

correctly responding to this beautiful web site changed into the critical venture of this project. We confronted a big, but awkward lot; first-rate perspectives, but near associates; and wonderful climate, however harsh publicity. these conditions demanded a solution that took gain of everything the web site needed to provide. The customers in the long run selected a layout that uses two offset bars to create the front and rear courtyards divided through a -story tall breakfast room. The ground floor is prepared by way of four parallel strains of masonry walls oriented towards the web page’s views. these walls outline the residence’s two bars and are both interrupted and connected through windows and glass doorways. The japanese wall of every bar is buttressed at normal periods to subtly define interior areas and to get rid of the want for interrupting shear partitions or costly second frames. the second floor contains 3 bedrooms and an office located within four packing containers balanced upon the masonry walls under, and clad in charred cedar. big glass windows at this level are framed in projecting metal hoods with the intention to include operable louver screens at 3 locations with western exposure.

The modules of the insulated, floor face concrete block helped impose a rigor to the plans that is without problems lost in wood frame construction. The blocks allowed for an sincere and appealing expression of structure that delivered a lot of architectural price to both the interior and outside even as conveying the texture and permanence of stone. moreover, the thermal mass and quintessential insulation of the block allowed us to open up big areas of glass and still outperform California’s stringent energy necessities by way of a massive margin.

The residence makes use of a huge range of strategies and functions to lessen its effect on the surroundings and its occupants. those consist of excessive-performance furniture and equipment, zoned HVAC, low-VOC coatings, beneath slab radon venting, green framing techniques, and drought tolerant landscaping. The residence will be inexperienced factor-rated.

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