Tower House by Andersson Wise Architects in Austin, Texas

Tower House by Andersson Wise Architects in Austin, Texas

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 have designed a present day residence in Austin, Texas, known as the Tower house, for obvious reasons.This tower formed living is a result of the client’s request for a larger home with extra bedrooms, baths and dwelling areas. as opposed to extending the antique limestone cabin, the architects decided to create a present day vertical domestic that rises up out of the wooded area, supplying stunning perspectives of Lake Travis.

In thinking about an addition to the unique, stone hotel at this Lake Travis property, the belief of a tower turned into born out of several factors: taking gain of perspectives, minimizing the footprint on the web page, and accommodating the rising flood simple elevation.

There are a few small limestone cabins from the 1930’s placed along Lake Travis, the longest of the Highland Lakes that terrace the hill country west of Austin, and they are used often inside the summer season. One such cabin sits on a slope growing from the water under a cover of native o.k. and cedars. It had one huge room, a little napping room, a kitchen, and a porch dealing with the water.

Our customers asked two additional bedrooms with baths and a residing place for large agencies to acquire. We chose to locate the new sound asleep quarters in a separate tower. two small bedrooms occupy the first and 2nd flooring. Above, a third level terrace opens to a panorama of the lake and distant rolling hills. in this terrace, some thirty toes above the ground, even the freshest summer time afternoon may be loved under a roof open to the prevailing breezes blowing in from the lake. The original stone cabin is now juxtaposed with a vertical tower of wooden, growing up out of the forest and into the intense Texas sky. The Tower draws you up to see the lake, barely seen at floor stage thru the thicket of bushes.

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