GG House by Elias Rizo Arquitectos in Tapalpa, Mexico

GG House by Elias Rizo Arquitectos in Tapalpa, Mexico

challenge: GG HouseArchitects: area: Tapalpa, MexicoArea: four,520 sqftPhotographs via: 

The GG residence sits atop a small inexperienced plateau surrounded through lush nature on a rugged terrain of hills and valleys in Tapalpa, Mexico close to the Colima volcano.It became designed by means of , a Mexican studio that has already been featured on our web page with their venture.The GG residence includes two bedrooms, a master suite, a home office and an open area taking over the activity of the dwelling room, eating room and kitchen.

The mission for GG residence emerged from a completely particular fee. Our customer, a middle-aged bachelor, wanted to construct a weekend house in a clearing in a forest, on a belongings on a mountain. in addition to the topographical conditions, we discovered that the challenge concerned unusual requirements in terms of privacy, which allowed a greater open dating between the areas and the surroundings.

The residence is positioned on a steep terrain overlooking a plain between mountains and the Colima volcano within the distance, visible above the tops of the okay. The rugged topography become a determining issue within the format of the challenge; it turned into designed on a series of terraces carved into the hill and connected by means of a zigzag course.

The property is accessed from the best factor. The cars travel alongside a course that cuts the slope downhill closer to a storage that sits on an intermediate terrace and sinks into the hill, framed via a stone portal. The roof of the house, the first facade that confronts the visitor, is visible between bushes as an uncovered concrete slab included with gravel, and famous the broken profile of the building.

From the garage arises a staircase fabricated from rectangular stone slabs of variable dimensions, from a carpet of gravel that refers back to the roof and appears to suggest that the constructing is an extrusion of the land itself. At that moment, the front facade of the house is found out, lined with a lacquered steel plate so one can age at whim, like the relaxation of the substances. over time, the plate will lose its luster and could oxidize, changing in the identical manner its surroundings do, and could leave a trail of oxide on the stone as a way to ultimately be pressured with pink earth, very feature of the location.

the program of the house turned into designed in a square plan that is inserted into one of the slits in the ground. The resulting quantity is a prism sitting with admire on the ground, orientated transversely to the slope of the hill and exposing its longest aspect towards the view. We determined to make an inflection at approximately the middle of the quantity, within the entrance area, to create a smash in the roof, to break with the elongated proportions of the building. In plan, the gesture of the wreck is repeated at the north side to permit a greater sufficient terrace overlooking the Colima volcano.

the doorway lobby traverses the building and breaks it into two equal blocks. at the give up of the west block there is a terrace clad in cumarú, suspended above the ground, and related to the master bedroom through a window. The relaxation of the program includes guest bedrooms, each one with its very own toilet, a guest rest room and laundry region. The block east of the entrance houses the residing room, dining room and kitchen; multi function big area this is linked thru retractable window panels, a roof terrace that reflects the exterior at the opposite quit and appears to go with the flow above the floor.

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