Jewel Box Villa by Design Paradigms in Lausanne, Switzerland

Jewel Box Villa by Design Paradigms in Lausanne, Switzerland

project: Jewel box VillaArchitects: vicinity: Lausanne, SwitzerlandArea: 3,229 sqftPhotographs by means of: Courtesy of 

The Jewel container Villa is an energy-efficient home with a green-roof that sits on a protracted, slim plot overlooking the beaches of considered one of Lausanne’s biggest lakes.due to its region, the proprietor desired to maximise the perspectives to both the south and west. because of this, the house has taken up a rectangular shape with an outer shell shaped production that juts outwards and up.

The owner, an environmental representative, also wanted to make sure that the house with use both passive and energetic electricity assets, with cognizance on sun and geothermal, therefore , the chinese studio that designed the Jewel container Villa had to make certain that it meets all local power and eco-certification standards.

The Villa is a combined fabric shape making use of recycled concrete, metal and timber as number one structural structures. The outer shell quickly became a multi faceted garden over a concrete structure.

partly starting itself up and revealing the number one frame. We desired some thing heavy however contradictory, suspended, growing a tension and through that tension an inherent calm. The number one frame became a suspended middle-ten container, being revealed in positive components and protected by means of the shell shape in others.

We imagined that this outer shell is a box that is inside the procedure of being opened, therefore the outward leaning jap wall, and the suspended piece of metal have become a jewel this is revealed as the field opens up. This notion has given the call to the villa: Villa Jewel box.

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