Villa Slow by Laura Alvarez Architecture in Cantabria, Spain

Villa Slow by Laura Alvarez Architecture in Cantabria, Spain

task: Villa SlowArchitects: location: Valle del Miera, Cantabria, SpainArea: 1,722 sqftPhotographs through: 

is a cutting-edge excursion rental retreat in Spain’s Cantabria network. It became designed by means of  with its layout typology based on the conventional production of the ‘peasant cabin’ in the contrast to the conventional cabins, Villa sluggish has a contemporary twist and is placed on top of a little south-going through hill that grants its inhabitants with astonishing views closer to the valley and mountain.

“I grew up in the North of Spain no longer to date far from Villa gradual. i've genuinely appropriate recollections of me and my circle of relatives taking part in nature. This place of Spain has some of the matters I always look for after I move on holidays: Mountains, sea, herbal parks, trekking, quietness, subculture and rich gastronomy. but I continually felt I neglected right here a nice location to stay… a place where you may be heat whilst it is bloodless outside and be fully connected to the outdoor whilst the solar shines. So I concept: If I can't find it, there may also be many human beings not capable of locate it too….permit’s design and construct a lovely vicinity and share it with more people!… Being myself an architect, it turned into an possibility I may want to just not let move…And this is how it all started.”– Laura Alvarez

Villa gradual is designed and built with excessive mindfulness and care for detail. The residence may be very respectful with the surroundings. Its layout is based on the traditional typology of a Pasiego residence (Cabana Pasiega) but with a current twist. The tough exterior stone partitions and roofs comparison with the sensitive interior wooden structure and information. massive panoramic home windows within the residing room facing contrary directions create a stunning scenography of mountains, clouds, and bushes. the 2 rooms with their beneficiant top are designed to permit exceptional arrangements: only a couple, couple with youngsters, buddies, etc. every room has its personal rest room completely ready, barrier-unfastened.

Villa sluggish is situated in a very special herbal area widely recognized for its spring water formation. The water of Villa slow comes from its personal spring.

Villa slow can pay severe interest to sustainability. Villa slow is a passive residence. It is provided with a heat pump, below ground heating and excessive great insulation and home windows for a minimum warmth loss. All electronic appliances are A+++ and all lightning based on LED era. The excessive overall performance glass warms up the interior in the iciness and the big wood shutters protect the summer from warmness advantage. All substances used to construct Villa slow are reused from the vintage stone shed or come from the vicinity of Cantabria.

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