Villa K by Paul de Ruiter Architects in Thüringen, Germany

Villa K by Paul de Ruiter Architects in Thüringen, Germany

mission: Villa KArchitects: area: Thüringen, GermanyArea: 2,669 sq.ftPhotographs through: Pieters Kers & Patrick Voigt

, a Dutch studio whose challenge was lately featured on our website, have designed the Villa k in Thüringen, Germany. that is their first project positioned in Germany.The web site on which the residence is constructed is less than perfect with its steep slope however the architects have used that to their gain and feature created a design that offers marvelous perspectives. The layout also made use of the slope to blend the constructing with the terrain and create a continuing transition from the house closer to the dense wooded area that surrounds it.

Villa ok, positioned in Thüringen, is the first German venture for Paul de Ruiter Architects. The electricity neutral villa, discrete and integrated in the natural environment, strongly displays the wishes of the consumer and adheres to minimalist ideas. The result is a sincere, revolutionary house constructed from simplest glass, steel and urban.

The sustainable residence is located facing south in attention of the brilliant perspectives in addition to the route of daylight to maximize performance. a pitcher façade, stretching from roof to floor, demarcates the living regions. The glass façade, without any disruptions which include windows or outdoor sun blinds, reflects not anything but the air and gives extraordinary perspectives over the valley. across the residing region a U-shaped terrace is constructed. A pool intersects the interior of the residence at the same time as extending closer to the southern side, which makes it appear to waft above the hill.

The addition of a lifting platform throughout the pool makes the terrace visually seem to keep. This platform may be pulled up when deciding to go for a swim. across the terrace a lawn is arranged with vegetable vegetation and fruit timber.

the doorway, technical regions, pantry, searching room and storage with room for six automobiles are placed at the north aspect, moved into the slope of the mountain. The entire roof shape of the villa is covered with moss and sedum, alternated with sun cells, which reduces the cooling load.

A climatologically thrilling and sustainable situation is created thru the orientation closer to the south and by placing a massive part of the house into the mountain slope. The south side gets large quantities of sunlight and warmth, while the ‘subterranean’ a part of the residence consists of cold air. A warmth exchanger applied in the villa collects this warm and cold air and transports it to the warmth pump. the heat pump stores bloodless air to chill within the summer season and saves heat air to heat the house all through winter times. This device is attached to a cooling ceiling and underfloor heating. A delicate and completely automated pc machine steers these stainable heating and cooling systems.

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