French Island Pre-Fab by Lai Cheong Brown in Victoria, Australia

French Island Pre-Fab by Lai Cheong Brown in Victoria, Australia

task: French Island Pre-fab HomeArchitects: vicinity: French Island, Victoria, AustraliaArea: 2,066 squareftPhotographs by: 

located on the far flung French Island off the coast of Victoria in Australia, the French Island domestic is a pre-fabricated farmhouse design by means of . This self-sustaining house’s layout carries the idea of a caravanserai – a keep haven that's quite fitting whilst you check the remoted website online on which it's miles placed.all of the components of the pre-fab domestic have been constructed on the mainland, inside the close by beach metropolis of Wonthaggi before being transported to the island wherein they have been pieced collectively.

The assignment’s main design selections were driven very tons by way of the vicinity of the house on an Island disconnected from mainland Australia with the aid of avenue and not serviced with the aid of any public utilities or Council facilities.

The site sits on a ridgeline searching out throughout Philip Island to Bass Strait and lower back across bucolic, pastoral landscapes to the French Island countrywide Park. This ends in perspectives in almost all directions which we have been keen to seize however also to an intense publicity to the winds and riding rain coming in off the Strait.

Our solution changed into to layout a easy rectangular form courtyard house which would offer a sheltered out of doors space at the same time as also maximizing daylight and natural ventilation into a house that become going to need to be self-sustaining in phrases of electricity.

This worked nicely with the prefabricated nature of the construct, allowing an easy module breakup, and allowed us to course stream across the courtyard even as dwelling and bedrooms were given the possibility to appearance out to sea.

A family undertaking, the house had to accommodate getting old grandparents while also allowing friends and extended circle of relatives to live over whilst once in a while marooned by terrible weather.

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