VEX House by Chance de Silva Architects in London, UK

VEX House by Chance de Silva Architects in London, UK

assignment: VEXArchitects: vicinity: London, United KingdomArea: 1,237 squareftPhotographs via: Courtesy of 

The VEX house is a unique constructing in London designed through  architects. It’s layout uses a composition of song and architecture to create a unique creation. It was designed in collaboration with Erik Satie’s piano piece “Vexations” which is also in which the foundation from the name got here from. The spherical sections of the house reference the loops of the repetitive piano song.

Vex is a completely unique structure/sound collaboration. it's miles an in situ concrete house which arose out of the collaboration among musician Robin Rimbaud (called ‘Scanner’) and designers risk de Silva.

song and structure both take as their starting point Erik Satie’s ‘Vexations’ – a looping, repetitive piano paintings that lasts around 18 hours in continuous performance.

this is to our know-how the first structure/sound collaboration of this type considering that Le Corbusier/Xenakis/Varèse’s Philips Pavilion of 1958. (In that it turned into envisaged as an incorporated layout collaboration, with the music and structure symbiotic and made in parallel, as opposed to the sound delivered later as an installation in an present constructing).

developing the continuously converting, fluted outside concrete required bold craftsmanship in making the boat-like formwork.

Internally, exposed concrete ceilings, factors of wall and a single elliptical column create a heat, cavelike sense – even though the building is mockingly very light with window positions responding to Satie’s musical score in addition to contextual and sunlight parameters.

anyplace an top ground is ‘pulled returned’ from the one beneath a crescent-fashioned rooflight results. in which an top floor overlaps the one under, there may be a reflective soffit of galvanised steel.

The constructing is a very ambitious addition to a London conservation region (of predominantly Victorian homes). It nudges forward of the ancient constructing line to give views down the road, seize sunshine around the clock, and appearance out toward a local landmark church.

The constructing is triple-glazed, fairly insulated and, with superb thermal mass from the concrete, has a certainly-controlled internal surroundings the use of an efficient condensing gasoline boiler and underfloor heating.

Sound is incorporated in a hardwired Sonos gadget managed from iPod or cell cellphone.

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