Family House Jarovce by Compass Architekti in Bratislava, Slovenia

Family House Jarovce by Compass Architekti in Bratislava, Slovenia

challenge: circle of relatives residence JarovceArchitects: vicinity: Jarovce, SloveniaArea: 1,722 sq.ftPhotographs by means of: Courtesy of 

 have completed the family house Jarovce task following the brief that called for a current family residence that was restricted via the small plot length so it needs to have a small footprint however some other requirement was no indoors stairs. This created a undertaking because this domestic ought to have area for grandparents and 9 of their grandchildren.To make the most of the plot, the building became designed in an L-shaped shape round a courtyard garden and swimming pool.

family house Jarovce – a residence for grandparents and nine grandchildren.

The own family house is located on the northern fringe of the village Jarovce, in a zone of own family houses. The website is leveled, with an area of 661 m2. To make certain the premier use of the belongings, the residence is located in the northern a part of the parcel.

house for parents Is precisely that kind of commision that may likely damage your dating along with your circle of relatives or with your paintings. or maybe each. fortuitously in this example, things went towards the odds.

We received handiest three bacis requirements: a small house, no stairs and lots of space for 9 grandchildren.

Our solution to the that is the composition of a inexperienced atrium complemented by the house. The residence formed in a shape of the letter L defines the atrium on its sides. The south part of the plot is opened to the sun, whilst the northern component is taken by the residence.

The horizontal concrete roof slab is omnipresent and connects seamlessly all spaces in the house. The slab leans from the indoors to the outside and leads the narrative of your visit to the house from the very access part to the maximum intimate parts of the house. The cantilevered a part of the roof is about to modify the solar radiation and interior weather according to the sun course.on the intersection of wings, the roof slab is filled with large radius. This curve creates a great deal wider place of the terrace. it is the correct spot for dining, the vicinity that integrates the garden and the indoors. And to be hones, it looks top on the images too.

The house is divided very traditonally into elements. The day part and the night time element apart. The day component is transparent, linked to the garden and clean to realize. here, the grandchildren are still visible and supervisied. The night component is positioned at the back of the wood wall and is accompanied by small private garden. This lawn serves as a quiet safe haven in competition to the noise and environment within the atrium.

The layout of the interior in addition develops the spatial idea of the house. it is ruled with the aid of a mutual relationship of seamless roof, gery ground and lengthy partitions cladded in oak. these primary elements define the distance which can be randomly occuiped with the aid of human beings items and furnishing.

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