Secret Garden House by Wallflower Architecture + Design in Singapore

Secret Garden House by Wallflower Architecture + Design in Singapore

mission: mystery garden HouseArchitects: vicinity: Bukit Timah, SingaporeArea: 13,900 squareftPhotographs by using: 

the secret garden residence in Bukit Timah, Singapore is actually one that knows the way to draw attention. It became designed by  whose Six Ramsgate house and The Travertine Dream residence tasks have already been featured on our website.

As its call indicates, the secret lawn residence is complete of elegant surprises, having a protected lawn and a stunning swimming pool positioned in a deeper plot of land in the courtyard. the whole thing was designed in a way to shield the privacy of the population at the same time as imparting each little luxurious they need.

the secret garden residence is situated inside the suitable elegance bungalow region of Bukit Timah. The owner’s short turned into to have a highly-priced, tropical, modern circle of relatives domestic. Being the proprietors of a creation agency and through constructing it themselves, it might additionally show off their expert capabilities.

The house sits on an L-fashioned web page with a slim and unassuming frontage; On all sides it's far surrounded by means of neighbouring houses. similarly in and on a mild upward thrust, the bulk of the land isn't always visible from the doorway. maximum local domestic consumers could regard the choppy terrain, slim frontage and absence of prominence as a downside. The architect saw an opportunity in the use of the terrain to camouflage the majority of a massive residence, and the lushness of a secret lawn to display screen it from prying eyes.

as the spatial and purposeful necessities had been vast, the architect located over a third of the house into the growing land profile, efficaciously hiding this mass by means of leveraging at the precise web page. The perceived ground ground became set one stage above. It allowed for extra privacy from the doorway street and a ‘plateau’-like terrace to compose the rest of the dwelling spaces and gardens.

traffic are welcomed into the house thru a granite cave entrance leading to an ‘underground’ lobby. The prominence of a metal and glass spiral staircase leads site visitors up to the residing room. The owners had appreciated the concept of detaching the dwelling and dining spaces and surrounding those by way of swimming pools and gardens. This ‘plateau’ ground degree turned into planned to be a area that combined indoor and outdoor, soft-scape and tough-scape. It turned into to be one-space, with numerous programs, in preference to many spaces with determined limitations and glued capabilities. bushes planted closely around the perimeter form a very non-public enclosure. Visually at ease from out of doors, the ground simple structure should then be open and obvious without the owner’s privacy being compromised.

Conceptually, the above floor architectural composition is of two rectangular travertine blocks sitting on slim pilotis. The blocks are linked at the second ground by using an enclosed bridge floated above the floor aircraft. A ribbon window cuts around the travertine stone façade. Adjustable vertical wood louvers lined strategically alongside this band of windows guard the glazing and modify how an awful lot sunlight reaches the interior, as well as ensuring privateness when required.

an outside living deck and roof lawn tops-off the composition, and is usefully spacious sufficient for social gatherings and parties. The deck’s dealing with is angled to experience perspectives to scenic Bukit Timah Hill, the highest point in Singapore.

basic architectural standards of orientation, thermal mass, sun-screening and herbal air flow are essential to the layout. it is a residence designed for the tropics, expressed by way of modern-day materials and present day aesthetics. every floor is designed to be pass-ventilated. number one to the design ethos are that breezes are to be endorsed and unhindered. inside the basement, air flows through the big cave-like garage commencing, via the wood slatted lobby and exits through a enormous sunken lawn courtyard on the rear that is open to the sky. Above ground, the lifted bedroom blocks are kept passively cool through layers of masonry, air cavities, travertine stone cladding, roof gardens and pergolas. windows reduce heat entry via low-emission glass and timber sunscreens clear out the sturdy tropical daylight, and remodel it right into a pattern of mild and shadows that play into the interior areas. Skylights further animate the enjoy in the route of the day thru ever-transferring shafts of mild. whilst the state of affairs necessitates, the whole home may be closed off to tropical rain storms or the haze from pollutive burning.

The surroundings engifts you whilst there's appreciate and collaboration with each its strengths and weaknesses. regardless of being on an intensely urbanized island with one of the highest populace densities inside the international, the residence recaptures what it's miles to privately revel in residing inside the tropics, with its lushness, vibrancy and beauty ensconced in a secret lawn.

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